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As expected, Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the top seeds in the NFC and AFC, the Patriots and Seahawks did not disappoint. I’ll admit that the first half flew by a lot quicker than I expected and would have liked but that’s not to say that it wasn’t still engaging and exciting. But then came that anticlimactic conclusion to the second half and the game itself.

Now, I didn’t have a dog in the race as my favorite team, the New York Giants wasn’t even in the playoffs. Also, I do consider myself to be a Tom Brady fan of sorts, not because of the 4 years I spent in the Boston area but because of the Hall of Fame career he has crafted after being a sixth round draft pick and backup quarterback. Who can deny the persistent hard work and effort that is required to become what Brady has become? On the other side of things, I was definitely rooting for the Seahawks on Sunday evening. I’m probably more of a Richard Sherman fan than Tom Brady and I absolutely applaud the way he has taken control of his personal brand, not to mention the fact that he talks the talk and walks the walk.

Following Kearse’s lucky catch and Marshawn Lynch’s run down to the .5 or 1 yard line I could have sworn that the Seahawks were going to hand Lynch the ball one more time to punch it into the end zone or perhaps call a play-action pass to get a jump on the Patriots who were no doubt anticipating a Lynch run. What actually ended up happening is inexplicable and beyond comprehension. Sure, Seahawks coach Pete Carroll tried to give an explanation of sorts and was even man enough to take the blame for the loss but I’m not buying it. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything…ok, maybe I am, but I get the sense that, for whatever reason, there was a subconscious desire to have Russell Wilson make the game winning touchdown pass as opposed to making “Beast Mode” the hero. More likely than not Carroll may have simply had a ‘brain fart’ but I’m just saying…

In the end the Seahawks gave the game away but that’s not to say that the Patriots aren’t deserving champions. Then again, there is that whole deflated football situation.


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