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I don’t really follow the NFL Scouting Combine much. Well, at least I don’t watch much of the coverage on NFL Network. I do like to find out what the top performances were each year in a few of the tests in particular though, namely the 40 yard dash, the vertical jump and the broad jump. My coach has my training group do some triple jump specific testing a few times each year just to see where we are in our training so I can’t say I’ve ever run a 40 yard dash and I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve tested my vertical and broad jumps. That said, it just so happens that I randomly tested my vertical jump this past fall, when I was just a couple weeks into my training. So in honor of the NFL Scouting Combine I figured I’d have some fun and share a shot of me in between jump attempts.

Vertical Jump Image

I suppose in this instance an image isn’t nearly as impactful as a video clip would have been, so next time I’ll be sure to have some one tape me in action. I ended up at 41.5 inches but I get the sense that I’d be at least at 43 inches now. Perhaps I’ll have to find out some time soon.


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